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Here are a small selection of testimonials from past clients. 

Work/Life Balance - Jill F.

“I had such an amazing session with Heather to help me find balance in my life and start saying "no." I tend to be a bit of a workaholic and after a session with Heather I have found myself taking more time out to do the things I enjoy. She is a great listener and really knows so much about helping others with RTT. Thank you for helping me to bring joy back into my life.”


Boundaries - Jacklyn W. 

“I’m feeling so much better since our session. I can’t believe the boundaries I’ve created after listening to your recording. I’ve been taking a long lunch every day. Thank you!”


Anxiety/Procrastination - Julieann E.

"Heather is phenomenal! I wanted to resolve the anxiety and procrastination I struggled with.  In just one session my anxiety and procrastination have been dramatically reduced.  The difference is truly remarkable! The personalized audio that Heather created for me is extraordinarily powerful.  I feel better than I have felt in 20 years. Thank you!”


Sexual Empowerment - Millie M

"Heather is my sexual fairy godmother (and my husband's too)! I had psycho-emotional sexual trauma from a father who was schizophrenic. I almost completely shut that part of me down for so many years. If not for Heather I would still be stuck there. If anyone is wondering if they should do this then absolutely give yourself this gift and allow Heather to support, challenge and nurture you. I would recommend her to anyone who has anything holding them back sexually, the rewards will be great."


Mulitlayered Issues - Inneka E.

“Heather mesmerized me from the intake stage. Her voice is incredibly calming, so well-paced and controlled, in her beautiful, elegant, English accent! Her commitment to my transformation is remarkable. I am forever a believer in Heather. You are indubitably a phenomenal RTT Practitioner and I am saying that with all genuineness in my grateful heart. I am transformed! I look forward to my deeper transformation each time I listen to your Transformational Recording. Thank you, Heather”


Trust/Confidence - Yorlene

"Heather helped me tremendously by empowering me, reinstalling my self-trust and making me see that I was ready to move forward with my life in the direction I had chosen. Doing this session with Heather has been really life-changing, because it helped me step back into my own power and confidence. It helped me remember who I truly am. I highly recommend Heather to people who are struggling, who know in their hearts that there's more for them to do, but feel stuck, unclear and unable to move. She will guide them inside themselves so they can uncover and remember their unlimited power."


Anxiety - Carly N

“After having struggled for over a decade with anxiety, I'm finally making the incredible changes that I've always dreamed of! I'm starting to create a very positive future, one that my family and I truly deserve. Heather is highly skilled, friendly, very experienced and extremely passionate. She is a phenomenal RTT Practitioner!”


Weightloss - Darlene T.

“Heather was an absolute pleasure to have as an RTT Practitioner. Her personality is funny, incredibly kind, caring and totally passionate. She has absolutely phenomenal listening skills and knows exactly what questions to ask to get to the root of the problem. Her 18 years experience in helping people lose weight as a personal trainer paired with the power of RTT is truly revolutionary. The experience of her voice during the hypnosis transformation is profoundly relaxing. Her empathic energy and love for her client shines through so beautifully which makes me feel at ease and safe when I listen to it. Heather has gone the extra mile when it comes to supporting me. She has broken up my plan for nutrition, exercise and mindset and reliably sends me information incrementally so I don't feel overwhelmed. I sincerely recommend, no, I urge you, to book a session with Heather immediately if you are struggling with weight loss or over eating like me. Working with her was truly transformational for me and it felt like a blessing from the universe to be able to connect with her. I have lost 12 pounds so far. I am officially getting comments about my weight reduction and most importantly, I am starting to feel beautiful again." 


Anxiety - Christine H.

“I was struggling with anxiety for most of my life. Having tried many different healing modalities already, my hope to solve this issue once and for all was starting to fade. However, when I heard about Heather, there was something about the passion she had for her craft that made me want to give it a try one more time. And I'm very glad I did. One thing I really liked was the resources she gave to me after the session that still help me pick apart my thoughts and choose better ones. My anxiety reduced significantly since the session and most importantly: I finally know how to continue the work that we started together to free myself from the anxiety completely. I would recommend Heather to anyone who feels like they've already tried everything without much success. I'm extremely confident in the fact that Heather will find the root cause and show you a way out of the struggle you are currently in. I will definitely reach out to Heather again, whenever I feel like I need another push in the right direction of my healing journey. Thanks so much Heather. I'm very grateful for having found you. Thank you!"


Sexual Empowerment - Tom M.

“Me and my wife have been together for the happiest thirteen years of both of our lives, but there were very basic conversations about sex that we’d never had. Working with Heather not only helped us to work out what we wanted out of our sex lives and to start having those conversations, she set us on a path to enrich our sex life forever with immediate results. What was most impressive about Heather was that she seemed genuinely invested in us improving our sex lives, sharing delight in our successes, and being there to pick us up whenever we faltered. She really took the time to try to get to know us and to work out where our mindset was hindering our progress, and was quick to advise us or lend an encouraging word to get us back on track. Throughout the process she was professional, thoughtful, kind, and really ended up feeling like a supportive friend. I would heartily encourage you to work with Heather if you’re having any issues which make you feel unfulfilled in life. Turns out we didn’t need a miracle, we just needed Heather!”


Trust/Intimacy Issues - Hanane A.

“Heather was so great at helping me feel comfortable and safe. I loved her passion for her work as well as her wonderful sense of humor. The session was absolutely amazing. The bottomline is that I now know that I am enough, I am lovable. I'm becoming more and more of my true, authentic self and I'm finally falling in love with myself! Working with Heather has been such a phenomenal experience. It's a great investment in yourself and I highly recommend it! I can't wait to work with her again to further my self-development"


Sexual Empowerment - Carrie N.

Heather is a phenomenal RTT Practitioner. She is highly skilled, professional and friendly with miles of experience. After the sexual empowerment therapy, I feel it's important to mention that with Heather there's for need for embarrassment as she is open and understanding with everything you could ever possibly imagine, so you always feel safe to express yourself freely. Thank you Heather, I'm now a sexually empowered woman! 

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